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The materials archived here are not to be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.          
Warning: Traditionally, some of these materials would only be available for viewing after the requisite empowerment or permission by a qualified teacher of the lineage. Many teachers regard reading such material without empowerment or permission as potentially harmful.
John Whitney Pettit II's doctoral dissertation Columbia University 1998
David Francis Germano's doctoral dissertation, The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1992
Elizabeth Cleland's Master's thesis Carleton University 2001

A Literary Transmission of the Traditions of Thang-Stong rGyal-Po: A Study of Visionary Buddhism in Tibet. 
Janet Gyatso’s doctoral dissertation University of California Berkeley, 1981. Contains a fascinating examination of the role of visionary experience in the revelation of teachings in Tibetan Buddhism.

rNying ma’I rgyud ‘bum: A Tibetan Buddhist Canon
Mihai Derbac’s master’s thesis, University of Alberta, 2007

The Rhetoric of Naturalness: A Critical Study of the gNas lugs mdzod
Gregory Alexander Hillis’ doctoral dissertation University of Virginia, 2003. Contains a discussion and translation of Lonchenpa’s rdzogs chen text _gnas lugs mdzod_

The Doxographical Genius of Kun mkhyen kLong chen rab 'byams pa

The Development of Perfection: The interiorization of Buddhist Ritual in the 
Eight and Ninth Centuries. 

An Article by Jacob Dalton

Compassion in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Tractate Mourning: A comparative Study
Vanessa R. Sasson’s master’s thesis McGill University, 1998

Different Sets of Light-Channels in the Instruction Series of Rdzogs chen
An article by Daniel Scheidegger about the rtsa used in visionary practice of thod rgal 

Lamps in the Leaping Over
Another article by Daniel Scheidegger about the visionary practice of thod rgal

The Funerary Transformation of the Great Perfection (Rdzogs chen)
An article by David Germano


The Guhyagarbhatantra: and its fourteenth century commentary phyogs bcu mun-sel

Gyurme Dorje’s doctoral dissertation University of London 1988. A extremely  important translation of a central text in the Nyingma tradition. Over 1500 pages long.


Andreas Doctor's doctoral dissertation, University of Calgary 2003
Sandra Lynn Scales' doctoral dissertation The Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities 1983
A.W. Hanson-Barber's doctoral dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1984
A short book by John C Huntington on the Kila (Phurba) in tantric Buddhism.
Chistopher Paul Bell master's thesis Florida State University 2006
Nathaniel DeWitt Garson’s doctoral dissertation University of Virginia 2004. It deals with the Guhyagarbhatantra
Jacob P. Dalton's doctoral dissertation University of Michigan, 2002. The history of the Samaja Vidya Sutra, the root tantra of Anuyoga, from the 9th century to the present and its role in the nyingma school.
Michael L. Walter's doctoral dissertation Indiana University 1980
Bryan Jare Cuevas' doctoral dissertation University of Virginia 2000
by Samten G. Karmay from the Journal of Bhutan Studies