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The materials archived here are not to be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.          


Warning: Traditionally, some of these materials would only be available for viewing after the requisite empowerment or permission by a qualified teacher of the lineage. Many teachers regard reading such material without empowerment or permission as potentially harmful.



by Yong-Hyun Lee doctoral dissertation, University of Wisconsin--Madison, 2003


The Legend of Shambhala in Eastern and Western Interpretations
Victoria Dmitrievaís masterís thesis McGill University, 1997


by Edwin Marshall Bernbaum doctoral dissertation, University of California-Berkley 1985


by John Ronald Newman, doctoral dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1997  


by Jensine Andresen, doctoral dissetation, Harvard University, 1997  


Emergence of the Kalacakratantra
An article by B. Ghosh


Off-Site Kalachakra Resources     
Simply the best online resource for the study of the Kalachakra cycle of Tantric Buddhism
Another useful resource on the Kalachakra cycle