Bon Studies

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The materials archived here are not to be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.          
Warning: Traditionally, some of these materials would only be available for viewing after the requisite empowerment or permission by a qualified teacher of the lineage. Many teachers regard reading such material without empowerment or permission as potentially harmful.

The life of a Bonpo luminary: Sainthood, Partisanship and Literary Representation in a 20th Century Tibetan Biography
William M. Gorvine's doctoral dissertation University of Virginia, 2006.  About  Shardza Rinpoche.

Magical Movements ('phrul 'khor): Ancient Yogic Practices in the Bon Religion and Contemporary Medical Perspectives
Marco Alejandro Chaoul's doctoral dissertation Rice University 2006

The Mirrorwork of Tibetan Religios Histoians: A comparison of Buddhist and Bon Historiography
Zeff Bjerken's doctoral dissertation University of Michigan 2001

Transgressive Compassion: The Role of Fear, Horror and the Threat of Death in Ultimate Transformation
Lucy Annette Jones' doctoral dissertation Rice University 1998. The gcod of the Bon tradition and Georges Bataille are compared. It contains a translation of _gcod gdams rin chen phreng ba_

An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Practicing Tibetan Dream Yoga Four foundations on Waking Life Awareness and Dreams
Barbara S. Stefik’s doctoral dissertation Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 2000 

Bonpo Studies: The A Khrid System of Meditation (1)

Part 1 of an article by Per Kvearne

Bonpo Studies: The A Khrid System of Meditation (2)

Part 2 of an article by Per Kvearne

Prayer to Ta pi hri tsa: A short exposition of the Base, the Path and the Fruit in Bon Dzogchen teachings
An article by Ratka Jurkovic

Bon-- the Primitive Religion of Tibet 

An article by Dr. A.C. Banerjee.

Beyond acceptance and Rejection? The Anti-Bon Polemic Included in the Thirteenth-Century Single Intention

(Dgong-gcig Yig-cha) and Its Background in Tibetan Religious History
An article by Dan Martin

A Collection of Studies on the Tibetan Bon Tradition
By various authors.

Unearthing Bon Treasures: A Study of Tibetan Sources on the Earlier Years in the
Life of Gshen-Chen Klu-Dga'

An article by Dan Martin

The Tantra "A Vessel of Bdud Rtsi," a Bon Text

An article by Michael Walter

Dorje Lingpa and His Rediscovery of the “Gold Needle” in Bhutan

An article by Samten G. Karmay
Exorcising the Illusion of Bon "Shamans": A Critical Genealogy of Shamanism in Tibetan Religions
An article by Zeff Bjerken

Aspects of the Origin of the Buddhist Tradition in Tibet

An article by Per Kvaerne

Tibetan g-Yung-Drung Monastery at Dolanji

An article by Tedeusz Skorupski